How a COO Can Put More Time Back in Advisors' Hands

In the fifth episode of The COO Roundtable , host Matt Sonnen was thrilled to sit down with Heather Fortner of SignatureFD and Lucas Winthrop of Winthrop Wealth Management.

SignatureFD, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, currently manages approximately $3.5 billion in client assets with over 80 employees. Winthrop Wealth Management, located in Boston, Massachusetts, manages about $1.1 billion in client assets with 17 employees.Matt, Heather, and Lucas discuss the steps they take to put time back into the hands of their advisors and much more, including:
  • The history and background of SignatureFD and Winthrop Wealth
  • How Heather and Lucas came into their current COO roles
  • Where the two see the COO role fitting into the broader organization
  • How Heather and Lucas allocate their time to the dozens of responsibilities COOs are tasked with daily
  • The initiatives they take as COOs to help build and uphold firm culture
  • The never-ending debate: buy vs. build when it comes to an RIA’s technology stack
  • The balancing act required between 1 st generation and next-gen employees, and the need for appreciation and communication on both sides
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