How to Transform Your Business in 3 Steps

We want to transform but might dread the effort and strategic thinking it takes. Here are three easy steps I follow to continuously transform:

  • Identify the roles and functions within your business and who holds each. Acknowledge where there are capacity gaps, work overload, or lack of skill/budget to fill a role. Then infuse staff or outsourced providers into the mix as a possible solution.
  • Write down what your client servicing process is and how you will introduce a potential client into that process (the WHAT). Decide who is involved in helping (the WHO). Decide if it will be a mix of online portals and remote video meetings or paper reports and face-to-face meetings (the HOW). Use markers, white boards, and public areas to write it out so everyone on the team can help.
  • Look at your tech stack and ONLY infuse new technology when there is a need to free up capacity, produce the client servicing process you want, and the tech you have is insufficient.
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