Two Reasons To Stay In Your Business

As a business owner, if your business exit does not give you and your family financial security (as you define it), and you do not have the ability to meet all of your other exit objectives, your exit is a train wreck. With that in mind, there are two reasons that you might consider staying in your business:

1. Risk and Return

With today’s stock market and the U.S. bond rates, the income business owners receive from their businesses is much greater.

2. But What’s Next?

Business owners find more meaning in working in the business than anything they could do outside of the business, or they haven’t thought about what they will do next.

Exiting your business is perhaps the biggest financial decision and personal decision of your business life. You must decide when you are comfortable leaving the business to run without you and when you are comfortable with your business-free life. Click here for the full article on and read more about one owner that was pushed into exiting before he was ready.