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20 Rules for a Winner’s Life


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Written by: Dan Waldschmidt |

Winning at life has a lot less to do with luck than it has to do with dedicated effort.

If you want to step up to the winners’ podium, here are 20 pieces of helpful advice:

1. Don’t breeze past the details in deference to the big picture. You do so at your risk because they’ll matter in some part of the process.

2. Assume you’re being observed (because somebody is probably actually watching you). It will make you sit up straighter (power pose!), pay attention to your manners, and act more professional.

3. Learn from small successes the same way you do from big ones. Learning something new about your profession is never a waste. It’s a way of future-proofing your career!

4. Picking up new skills is vital, but proficiency requires practice. The practice part is where you need to focus.

5. When you screw up, speak up quickly and apologize. With sincerity.

6. Some people — myself included — believe that living at the edges is what makes life exciting. Whether you’re fired up with outrage or blissfully serene, you’re likely to be escaping mediocrity.

7. Keep in mind that progress leaves a mark. Nurse your black eyes and sore muscles. Embrace the pain of lessons learned.

8. What does it take to be successful? Everything you’ve got. All the time.

9. Ignore Them — you know, the folks who know what’s best for you and can’t wait to tout their theories. It’s your life. Turn Them off.

10. You didn’t get where you are without support. Be deliberately aware — and thankful for —  those people who are generous with their time and energy on your behalf. Nobody does anything alone. Show your thanks.

11. Believe in your capacity to be more — more amazing, more successful, a better person. Believe and it will be so.

12. Get passionate and emotional about your goals. Fuel the win by digging deep and pushing hard.

13. Surround yourself with people who are better than you at what you want to be the best at.

14. Sometimes awesomeness is built over time. That’s why you should do one thing every day that really matters.

15. Negative people have no place in your life — even if they think they do.

16. READ. Read everything under the sun and find the great lessons in what you read.

17. If you need help, get the best. Do your research. Invest in the best you can afford. Trust the advice.

18. Eliminate poor language (even thoughts) like “I can’t,” “I don’t want to,” and “I shouldn’t.” Nike has the right idea — Just do it.

19. Don’t confuse the trappings of success with true success. An award isn’t a win. The real reward doesn’t come with a trophy.

20. Aim for fitness on every level — financially, physically, and mentally. Always be ready to be a hero.

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