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4 Important Aspects Of Effective Lead Nurturing


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Written by: Nigel Reid | Econnexx

Lead Nurturing Is A Vital Element Of Client Acquisition For Financial Firms

Lead generation is no longer solely about obtaining contact details so you can call a lead. It now involves nurturing leads through content processes that are designed to move them from curiosity stage to buyer ready stage, promoting a more effective and rewarding sales process.

Lead generation has moved away from a single event, to initiating and maintaining a relationship that leads the prospect to understanding their options and choosing you to help them achieve their needs.

Here are 4 things an effective lead nurturing strategy should have.

1. Persistence

Persistence is important when dealing with today’s overloaded consumers. Don’t give up after a single follow up. It often takes 3-5 attempts to reach a prospect who showed interest via an ebook, whitepaper, or other inbound activity. Waiting for them to call you back will only let their interest go cold and leave room for someone else to capture the attention you invested in developing. Don’t misinterpret their lack of immediate response as a lack of interest.

2. Value

Create value with your messages, but don’t over-inform. Sending content-heavy communication risks losing your prospects. The information they receive should be easy to digest and relevant, with each follow up message designed to further understanding and interest. The first time they read something they don’t understand, it will distance them and make them think you aren’t a good fit. If they see value in your messages and content they will be more open to receiving more. The more they choose to consume the more likely they are to respond positively to contact.

3. Personal Interaction

Your nurturing program should be a deliberate effort to break down barriers with your prospects, inform them, and also build a personal relationship with them. The human aspect of this is important because it is the richest form of communication at your disposal. Interacting with your prospects through targeted, personalised messages will reinforce and advance the opportunity.

4. Timing

Finally, timing is extremely critical in your follow up. Plan the delivery of your messages within the right timeframe. Buyers are open to early engagement, and this is often when the real window of influence is possible and decisions are made. So, with your prospects, take the approaches that align with your buyers’ actual decision patterns.   

Final Thought

The key with lead nurturing is to do something that takes someone who has provided their contact details and advance their interest before making contact. A nurtured lead is therefore a much more advanced lead and someone who is more likely to take positive action.

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