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8 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats From This Summer



Written by: Adyoulike

In case you didn’t already know; the world of digital marketing never sleeps and to keep you entertained and in the know, we’ve put together eight of the most fascinating and slightly surprising stats from the digital space from the summer so far.

1. FIFA tweets spiked by 525%

No doubt you’ve all heard about the FIFA controversy, well, in the 60 minutes after the disgraced FIFA president; Sepp Blatter stepped down, the number of Twitter mentions for the World Cup and brand sponsors of increased by a whopping 525%.

2. IAB find dad’s share photos 4% more often than mums

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) alongside Millennial Media announced this month, they had found that dads share photo’s, use shopping apps and access Google maps 4% more than mum’s do…We hope you father’s day marketers are listening!

3. Caitlyn Jenner gains 2.3 million Twitter followers

Two days after the infamous Caitlyn Jenner publically announced her gender transformation on the cover of Vanity Fair, she’s gained a whopping 2.3 million followers on Twitter! That’s nearly as many as Barack Obama’s 2.6 million.

4. Jenner landed Vanity Fair with 9 million users

Even more amazing is that the Jenner gender story accounted for Vanity Fair’s largest website traffic in one day; reaching over 9 million unique users.

5. 33% of customers aren’t being answered on social media

33% – of 1,000 customers surveyed – of customers who have contacted brands via social media with a customer service question never get a response.

6. Instagram has run 475 brand campaigns in just 18 months

The social image sharing platform; Instagram has run a total of 475 brand campaigns since entering the advertising game just 18 months ago.

7. Periscope shared their live-streams 1.5 million times

Periscope – the live video sharing app – shared their live-streams on Twitter a total of 1.5 million times during March-May 2015. However, their major competitor; Meerkat Live-stream URLs shared theirs on the tweeting platform a staggering 1,521,425 times during the same time period; just a few more than Periscope!

This has created a huge storm on social media, especially as Periscope was expected to be a great deal more popular (not to mention Twitter actually owns Periscope!).

8. AOL video views increase by 94%

After unveiling their new website that’s better for mobile video, AOL video views have increased by 94%, while 90% of their articles now have a video attached to create additional engagement among users. The site is also celebrating unique visits on mobile to the website, being up by 80%, while the number of users reading AOLs content across multiple platforms increased by 21%.

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