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A Letter To My Future Boss


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Written by: Marilyn Cox | Business is Child’s Play

I’ve noticed a social trend where people have taken to writing letters. A retro behavior occurring on a modern channel.

A letter to my future husband, a letter to my future wife, a letter to my future daughter, a letter to my future self.

If you’ve read any of these you know that these letters are reflections on past behavior, a collection of lessons learned, and a set of expectations for future action. My kids completed another school year and one of their last projects was to compile a reflection journal on the school year. It was a nice way to celebrate all they learned and provide perspective on the coming school year.

I’m wrapping up year 2 with my employer and of course this means appraisal time. Aside from listing and scoring accomplishments, the appraisal encourages you to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead. Over the years I’ve found that this is also when I gauge career satisfaction. I evaluate the enjoyment found in my work as well as my working relationships with colleagues.

I can confidently say this has been a good year.

What I’ve also found is that I’m probably not the easiest person to work with and manage. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked for some fantastic managers. As I think of the conversations I’ve had with my managers, I can recall many lessons learned and improvements I’ve made in how I work and communicate.

With that in mind, here’s “A Letter to My Future Boss”.

Dear Future Boss,
Hire me, you won’t regret it.

I don’t want to just be an employee; I want to be your colleague and your collaborator.

I want guidance and strategic direction but trust that I don’t need to be micromanaged.

While loyalty is pledged to my family, I can still commit hard work, perseverance, and dedication to my role.

I’m not looking for a job, rather a career. I’m looking for opportunity to further my education, experience, and expertise.

Encourage me to embrace projects outside of my comfort zone. I fear complacency but also fear a lack of expertise.

I may appear that I go with the flow, but please know that I’m dependent on checklists and schedules and I’m secretly imploding when change occurs.

If my patience appears short or I sound exasperated it’s not because I dislike my work, I just need to go for a run.

I want to be appreciated but public accolades make me feel uncomfortable.

I’m extremely sarcastic, find therapy in laughter, and hate anything related to graphic design. Please don’t make me design.

I’m obnoxiously competitive with others and myself. It’s not personal; I just want to be my best.

My short and long term career objective is to be exceptional. Help me define what that entails.

The best conversations occur over coffee, beer, or Indian food.

Know that I will work my hardest for you and for the company because I’m also working my hardest for me and my family.

Hire me, you won’t regret it.

I don’t want to just be an employee; I want to be your colleague and your collaborator.

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