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Brands That Alienate On Purpose


Written by: Mercedes Cimino | Six Degrees

Some brands have launched controversial ad campaigns which, by their very nature, alienate a substantial portion of the buying public. But shouldn’t brands want everyone to like them? Isn’t that the point of branding, or is there some other marketing strategy at work?

Six Degrees Account Director Mercedes Cimino reviews how some brands have alienated large market segments in favor of targeting a more profitable customer group. From the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial to Heroin Skateboards to outdoor adventure sport retailer Eastern Mountain Sports, Mercedes discusses tactics these brands have employed for reaching their target audiences, and how and why those strategies might change over time.

Key take-aways:

1: Understand that no brand can – or should – try to be all things to all people.

2: Be true to who you are and don’t be afraid to alienate some in the process.

3: Know your target audience and market potential.

4: It’s natural to think that a broader target market would yield higher revenue, but you risk watering down the brand if you don’t have a differentiated position with that audience.

5: Follow a consistent brand strategy until the market indicates that it’s time to adapt.

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