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Clean Computer Calendar: A Plan for Organizing & Backing Up Your Files


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Written by: Derek Markum

How many files and applications do you have on your computer(s) that you either don’t need anymore or don’t need right now? How many different folders are your documents, photos, and data in? Are the files easy to find and access? Is your important data backed up?

Perhaps it’s time to clean out that hard drive.

One of the downsides of the relatively low cost of digital storage is that while we can now save just about every file we want without worrying about running out of space, we can also end up with a whole lot of stuff on our hard drives that we don’t need to keep, which can make it difficult to find the important stuff, especially if we’re not very consistent at organizing all of those files.

And even if we know we ought to be more organized with our files, and we even try to be, the thought of going through them all and organizing and backing them all up is quite daunting.

To help make the project of cleaning your entire hard drive(s) a bit easier, the folks over at SingleHop, a cloud computing company, have put together a 3-week Clean Computer Calendar, which breaks the process down into more manageable bits.

I must confess that I only recently thought about cleaning out any of the old files from my desktop, and only because I happened to notice how little storage space I had left on the hard drive. A quick glance through some of the bigger folders on my drive revealed that not only do I have photos in at least 3 different locations, but I also have two separate music library locations, as well as a good number of applications that I never use anymore. And while I do have two external hard drives, only one of them is for a backup, which I just realized doesn’t include backing up the first drive, so I clearly have some work to do on my machines. SingleHop not only provided this calendar but also has excellent storage and backup options such as their private cloud hosting.

How do you keep your digital files organized and backed up?

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