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Finding Your Style Can Save You Money


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Written by: Cathy Curtis | Curtis Financial Planning

There was a time when men’s grooming and fashion was as complicated as women – but that time is long gone. Today, women probably spend four times as much as men on their appearance, maybe more. The amount of money spent on clothing and accessories can do damage to one’s budget. Happily, it’s possible to start spending more prudently.

The first step is to set up a budget. Determine how much of your disposable income you can afford to spend on your appearance each month. Then, try as hard as you can to stick to that amount. If you slip up one month, just try harder the next month. These tips may help:

Figure out your Style

Many women buy clothing that they seldom wear. It’s usually because the article of clothing did not suit them or fit their style. Maybe a well-meaning friend or salesperson insisted “it looks fabulous on you!” – and you realize later it most decidedly does not.  It’s easy for a wardrobe to mushroom with such ill-advised purchases but still feel like you have nothing to wear. Figuring out your style is the answer.

Here are some ideas to help figure out your style

1. Go through your closet and pull out the pieces that you wear over and over again. These will offer strong clues about how you like to look.  As you are pulling out the items that you love, set aside anything you haven’t worn in a year.  

2.  Browse magazines and tear out pictures of outfits that appeal to you.

Or, pin photos on a Pinterest Board.

3.  Analyze your weekly or monthly routines and activities. If you’re not going to many cocktail parties and own ten cocktail dresses, this may provide a clue about what to stop buying!

Once you get a better handle on your personal style, you will be more selective about what you buy.

Get Help From a Professional Stylist

If you find it impossible to do the closet audit yourself, hire an expert to help you.

An experienced stylist or organizer will take the emotion out of the equation and squelch your attempts to hold onto clothing that doesn’t work for you or your lifestyle. Even though hiring help will cost you money, it will be well worth it in the end when you have a new well-edited wardrobe. On future shopping trips, you are less likely to make mistakes. 

You can also employ a stylist to help you shop. A good stylist will help you fine-tune your personal style, go shopping with you seasonally and even find great items on sale for you. Again, this will cost you a fee, but save you time and money in the long run. 

Besides the cost savings, understanding your personal style can have psychological and emotional benefits, as your appearance will better reflect who you are. 

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