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Four Marketing Strategies for the New Year


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Written by: Mandy Fisher | Wealth Management Marketing, Inc.

Can you believe that 2015 is just around the corner? The holiday season is a busy time of year, but it is also the time to start thinking about next year’s marketing efforts. In one of my previous blog posts, I encouraged you to put together a 2015 marketing plan so that you can hit the ground running in January. I now want to share four strategies that you may want to incorporate into your marketing plan for 2015.

1. Host Small Group Events

My first suggestion is that you host small group events throughout the year. The event could be educational, such as a presentation on retirement tips, or it could be more social, such as a cooking class at a restaurant. Small events for 10 to 20 people allow for more intimate conversation so you can really get to know the needs of your current and potential clients. You should host the events on a consistent basis, such as monthly or quarterly. Consistency allows for everyone you want to reach to attend at least one event. Then, those who really enjoy the event can come back another time and bring their friends.

“One of the best ways to provide quality client service is by putting together a client touch-point calendar.” Tweet this

2. Encourage Client Referrals

The second strategy you should consider making part of your 2015 marketing efforts is encouraging client referrals. There are differing theories about whether you should outright ask a client for a referral. My opinion is that your clients should be your biggest cheerleaders and this will happen only when they feel you are taking care of them. If they feel welcomed and supported, then they will want to tell others about you. When I have a positive experience with a service provider, I constantly am telling my friends about it. I want them to share the positive experience with me.

One of the best ways to provide quality client service is by putting together a client touch-point calendar. This will ensure that you are connecting with your clients on a continual basis. Another easy way to connect with your clients is to host an annual client appreciation event. This is a bonus for them and you. It does not have to be a huge event. It should just be relatable to your clients.

3. Build Center-of-Influence Relationships

Centers of influences (COIs) for financial advisors are attorneys, accountants and anyone else who would have an influence on your potential new clients. You should first identify which COIs you want to target and then find ways to connect with them and remind them of your services. One way you could do this is to keep a list of other professionals your clients work with. Then reach out to those individuals and explain that you would like to talk about how you can work together to provide the best service for your mutual client. You could then send a monthly email to your list of COIs reminding them of who you are and giving facts that they would find useful. The goal is to meet one of their needs so that they will be more willing to refer clients to you.

4. Embrace Digital Marketing

In this day and age, everything is going digital. In fact, I am writing this blog post on Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day. Digital marketing is huge for the holidays, as companies try to reach shoppers and encourage them to come in and buy. Digital marketing for financial advisors should be about reaching their potential clients wherever they are. Would they go online and search sites such as NAPFA or FPA to find a financial advisor near them? If so, then you should consider completing an online profile with these organizations and being as active as possible on these sites. Is social media a place where your potential clients go often? Then choose a medium such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, build your profile and engage with people as much as possible. There is also Google Ads, which can drive people to your website.

Whether you choose to embrace these or other digital marketing strategies, be sure you are not doing it just because it is popular and new, but because it will resonate with your clients and potential clients. Otherwise, your digital marketing efforts will fail and you will end up frustrated.

Choose Marketing Tactics That Work for Your Business

These are just four marketing strategies that you should consider using in the new year. By no means do you have to use any of them. They are just suggestions. The best and worst thing about marketing is that there is a plethora of tactics out there. Having so many options is great, but it can also be debilitating as you do not know which combination is best. Keep in mind that you just have to find what works best for you and will help you reach your clients and potential new clients. While you enjoy the holidays with friends and family, do not forget to take the time to think about your marketing for next year so that you can be ahead of the game.

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