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How Financial Advisers Can Prospect 2000 People Per Month


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Written by: Mark Gillen | econnexx

Prospecting Creates More Personal Relationships

Having personal interactions with prospects is still the most effective way to build relationships, create trust and generate clients for financial advisers. Online networks such as Linkedin provide financial advisers the ability to build personal relationships with a vast number of people. These relationships can be developed and nurtured, providing huge returns and increased client numbers.

Personal one on one engagement with multiple people on a daily basis takes time, time that many simply cannot afford to spare.

But there is a solution, a solution that can enable a financial adviser to personally engage with 2000 potential clients per month, with little or no effort.

Online Prospecting

At econnexx we have created a process that enables us to deliver targeted and personalised messages to 2000 plus prospects per month. Each prospect fits within a designated geographical area and meets a pre set criteria, such as the industry they work within and their position within the company.

How It Works

Through research we have established there are typically 5 types of responses from prospects who receive a prospecting message. They are: 

  1. The prospect is ready to engage immediately and either makes direct contact or requests to be called.
  2. The prospect sees value in your service but is not quite ready to act.
  3. The prospect has no time
  4. The prospect has no need (i.e they already have sought advice in the past or they self manage their finances.)
  5. The prospect advises they have no money.

Based on these responses we have created a process to pass the prospects direct to the adviser or deliver further messages to address their reply and further their desire to make contact. Some will make direct contact or request a call, some will have interest but have obstacles and questions they need to overcome before they are ready to make contact, while a proportion will either not respond or have no money to utilise your service.

These processes enable financial advisers to reach 2000 prospects per month with no effort required on their part. They only enter the process to engage with prospects who are ready to discuss their financial planning needs.

Convert More Prospects To Clients With Automated Marketing

Automated marketing enables you to convert more visitors to your site into contacts – providing you with the ability to remain in contact. Automated Marketing provides visitors with an offer that they can download, such as: 5 steps to achieving your financial goals. To benefit from the offer visitors complete a short form, providing you with the details needed to remain in contact. Each contact then enters an automated workflow process were they receive a series or automated, yet personal emails each designed to answer qualifying questions, remove obstacles and promote contact.

This process enables you to nurture site visitors and prospects who need more time and more information to make contact, converting a larger proportion into clients.

Prospecting & Automated Marketing Summarised

1. Prospecting reaches 2000 people per month. A proportion will make direct contact based on the message they receive, some require further information and nurturing before they are ready to make contact, some will choose not respond.

2. Automated marketing enables you to cater to those who require further information or who believe they are already taking the required steps to ensure their financial plans are on track. Automated marketing allows you to remain in contact with those who visit your site and deliver communications that showcase your service and highlight their need to get in touch, converting more prospects and visitors into clients.

Why These Processes Are So Effective

Although it is essential for financial advisers to have an online presence to showcase their brand and generate contacts, many digital advertising and marketing channels require large resources and lack the ability to provide a personal experience for potential clients, in turn creating a degree of disconnect between firms and prospects.

The financial services sector provides tailored, personal solutions therefore your marketing and communications strategy must also be personal. Our technology and processes allow us to engage with prospects on behalf of clients and initiate conversation on a one on one basis. That is exactly what our prospecting service offers. Automated marketing provides the missing link between firms and the prospects who need more time and have more qualifying questions that need answered before they are ready to convert from a prospect to a client.

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