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How To Answer: “If You Could Choose One Super Power, What Would It Be & Why?”


Written by: Amy @ Bubblejobs

It’s fair to say that on our Career Knowledge Base, our Interview Advice section is easily the most popular section of the site, thanks in part to the wonderful (ahem!) advice we give out – and probably thanks in part to the sheer number of articles we’ve got in this section!

Now, while we’ve covered some of the more obvious interview questions such as “Why Should We Hire You?”“What Are Your Hobbies?” and “What Are Your Biggest Strengths?” before, we haven’t really looked at some of the weirder interview questions in detail so today I thought it was time to change that – starting with the unusual super power question.

As I just mentioned, this question is a pretty unusual one – and, as such, it’s designed to catch you off guard and make you think on your feet. That said; it’s still probably worth giving this question a bit of thought beforehand, just in case it does crop up and you end up blurting out an answer which takes you out of the running for the job you’re interviewing for.

When trying to come up with a decent answer to this interview question, there are a few things you need to bear in mind;

Don’t Overthink It

As with any interview questions, with a question like this, it goes without saying that you want to give the best answer you could possibly give… but you need to be careful not to spend too long trying to think up the perfect answer. Why? Because with a question like this there is no “perfect” answer because it all comes down to personal opinion… and by spending five minutes umm-ing and ah-ing, it might suggest to the employer that you’re incapable of making quick decisions.

Be Honest

Whichever answer you give, try and be honest and ensure your answer reflects who you are as a person. That said; don’t suck up and give the answer which you think might impress them the most eg. “I’d choose to be able to stop time so I can get more work done in each day”. This answer is just downright cringey and while the employer might smile to your face, inside they’re probably rolling their eyes because they know that you’re not really being honest.

Have A Reason Ready

With this question, you always need to have an answer and a credible reason to hand. Remember, with these types of questions, the employer isn’t necessarily interested in your answer – but rather the reason behind your answer – because this gives an insight into who you are as a person. That said; be sure to have a credible reason for your choice – one that you believe in and which you can stand by if you’re challenged.

Try & Relate It Back To The Role You’re Being Interviewed For

OK, so I know earlier I said that you shouldn’t give an answer which sucks up to the employer – but with a question like this, if you can relate your answer back to the job without going overboard on the cheese, then go for it. An example? You could say you’d love to be able to be in two places at once so you can get a real insight into how a client’s business works, while completing work on their behalf… See, not that cheesy at all, huh?!

Judge The Situation

With these types of interview questions, the best answer you can give is ultimately going to depend on who your interviewer is and what the situation is. For example, if you’re being interviewed by someone who’s very corporate and is conducting a very serious interview, it’s probably best to play it safe and give a sensible answer. On the other hand, if your interview is pretty laid back – and your interviewer keeps making jokes, it’s probably OK to give a jokey answer which you think will appeal to the interviewer.

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