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How To Choose Between Two Strong Candidates


How To Choose Between Two Strong Candidates

Written by: Bubble Jobs |

It is a difficult decision to choose between two equally qualified and skilled candidates. They both have similar work experience and both were excellent in their interview. So how do you choose between them both and make the right decision? Here are some suggestions to consider and recognise in both applicants to help make a great hire.

Previous responsibilities

Yes, the two candidates may have had similar past job titles but do their role responsibilities align? Determine how they’re daily duties will transfer across into the new role. For example, when hiring for a content manager position, one candidate may be particularly more skilled in graphic design and reflect a creative edge in comparison to the other candidate who may excel in videography. However, the outcome does depend on the type of skills you are looking for. If they both appear to be equally as qualified, ask for a portfolio or an example of their work, to see which style of work matches your preferences.

Culture Fit

If you are still struggling to determine the best candidate, consider whether they will make a good cultural fit. Take into account their personality, work style and behaviour to decide how well they will fit into their new team and role. If their values and beliefs are similar to the companies this is a good indicator the candidate is right for the role.


Are they in it for the long run? Interview tactics to determine this are to ask them questions such as, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” As this will help you understand their future plans and whether they consider this role a career or just a job. Another way to assess their commitment is to be aware of any past ‘job hopping’. Some perceive this as unreliable and unpredictable – which are not great qualities in a potential candidate!

The candidate who can express the most knowledge of the company and industry is likely to show the most commitment. Read more on how to tell when a candidate is in it for the long run.


Did they like you as much as you liked them? Sometimes as an interviewer, it’s very easy to only consider your own point of view. To make a great hire you must understand whether the candidate was enthusiastic and excited about the potential role. Which candidate expressed the most interest and asked questions regarding the company and what to expect when working for them?

One interviewee hopeful may have chosen to research a great amount about the company and can demonstrate eagerness and a true interest in the interview. Whereas someone who is unable to do this will be unlikely to stay within the position for a long period of time. Therefore making your final decision easier!

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