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How to Make People Remember You


How to Make People Remember You

Written by: Steven D. Patzer |

To make people remember you, you need to be known as someone with outstanding, unusual, or better-than-average qualities is the first step to take when reaching your target audience quickly and more efficiently.

Find the tools you will need to use for self-promotion to be a success. Examples are LinkedIn usage, unique business cards, compelling websites, and event attendance. Identifying the right tools to reach your target audience comes first in becoming a recognizable entity. Some of the tools I’ve used over the past few years are a suit covered in one-hundred-dollar bills, fancy material items, plastic see-through business cards, and posters with my face plastered across them. Just to give you an idea of how well this worked, I’ll tell you the story of the money suit. This one took some chutzpah, but it worked. I attended the New York Traders Expo in a suit covered in money as a marketing strategy to spark the interest of the attendees and meet new people. I took pictures with over forty people, received two minor league job offers, was featured on several popular social media accounts, landed the Gothamist front page, and even met the global music sensation Redfoo; I was featured on his Snapchat site with over one million followers.

A media-savvy person will ensure that he or she is consistently featured on the most modern media tools all the time. These tools include social media, blog sites, magazines, newspapers, fliers, and so forth.

In creating the exposure needed to stay relevant, you and your business must also remain visible and must encourage others so that your followers can be constantly reminded and aware that you still exist. Multimedia is practically the only way of successfully reaching a wide audience fast.

Create an environment in which questions and answers are entertained. This will contribute to your relevance while enhancing exposure and popularity. This can lead directly to higher conversion rates, from follower engagement to retained clients.

Do It Right

Excellent customer service is vital to creating a thriving business. When potential customers are assured that they can and will get exceptional service after the purchase of a product, the sale is a lot smoother and easier. Today’s customers want an assurance that there is still a relationship between the seller and buyer when there are issues that need to be addressed.

Making a sale is not the be-all and end-all of the customer relationship. In promoting customer service, you can give a potential client a good idea of what to expect after a sale.

Customers are more likely to purchase a product from a company that has excellent customer service. This feature is almost becoming a prerequisite for most consumers.

In addition, because of the variety of products available today, customers are becoming a more discerning bunch. Therefore, the quality of the merchandise is just as important as customer service and plays an important role as a deciding factor for purchases.

Take extra steps to provide the highest possible levels of quality to ensure the success of the product sold. Good quality will almost immediately get tagged to your product or service. The same applies for your reputation or brand. Additionally, chances of developing a new customer base will increase, as the old customers will indirectly promote the merits of a product or service. This kind of promotion is invaluable to the success of any product, service, or industry professional and cannot be bought.

Another benefit of providing quality material is that it shows that the integrity of the product and the company are maintained at the highest level. Any new venture a company decides to explore will be met by an eager and loyal customer base. Cha-ching!

One Specialty Topic and Absolute Mastery

You can specialize in, and focus entirely on, one very narrow, very specific topic of which you are the ultimate connoisseur. Become known for your innovative, trend-setting, in-depth approach that makes you a sought-after specialist within a hot niche, and target clients who don’t settle for anything less than experiencing true mastery.

Examples of this are money management for solopreneurs; a raw diet lifestyle for entrepreneurs with food allergies; and relationship building at the workplace for corporate executives. These are all niche-based problems and solutions. It’s hard to think that narrowing down your expertise will be profitable, but, in fact, it helps garner you more exposure.

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