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How to Protect Your Identity When You Move


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Written by: Estate Assist

Moving can be chaotic and things can get lost in the shuffle. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you take measures to safeguard your identity when you are moving. Make sure to follow these best practices to keep your identity safe when you move.

Hire Trustworthy Help

Though it might sound cheesy, it is true that a little preparation ahead of time can avoid a lot of stress later. Fully licensed and insured moving companies need to be screened and compared to the other available options. Using Unpakt can make it simpler to compare moving prices by allowing you to view the number of years a company has been in business, their online reviews and the costs involved with their services. The moving companies that you consider should have a plan that is customized for your belongings and your move. Be sure that they are aware of all the details and are transparent about costs. An easy negotiation and airtight contract is the mark of true professionals.

Keep Personal Information in a Safe Place

When going through belongings and especially your personal documents, keep your eyes open for items that have your date of birth, driver’s license number or social security number included. Be sure that these things are put away in a very safe place (perhaps a safe or locking file cabinet that you will transport in your vehicle). Keep a shredder handy and use it liberally when you are packing.

Get Your Mail Transferred Immediately

Some people are overwhelmed with the moving process and slack off when it comes to handling these details. That can be a big mistake! Be sure to change your address with your post office, employer, bank, credit card and loan companies. You do not want your personal information sitting in someone else’s mailbox.

Use Common Sense

As always, be careful with personally identifying information. Do not share your social security number, credit card numbers, or other pertinent data by phone unless you are completely certain of who you are giving that information to. When applying for new utilities, an apartment or a new mortgage, the same rule applies. Know who is requesting your information and why they need it. You might find that in some cases, it is not really necessary at all. The less this info is shared, the safer it is.

Review Your Credit Cards

If you don’t already, reviewing each of your credit cards the month or so after your move is an excellent idea. Look for any newly opened accounts or inquiries that you do not recognize. Catching identity theft early is very important. If you see any issues, take action immediately.

Following these simple steps will help to keep your identity protected when you are moving. For more great moving tips and advice, head over to the Unpakt blog.

This post was contributed by Unpakt, an online price comparison website for moving companies. Unpakt helps customers find reputable moving service providers in their area and book a guaranteed price online, day or night. For more information or to compare movers, visit



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