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How to Use Facebook Groups to Build Your Small Business

Written by: Bek Davis | BEK.DAVIS

If you are looking for ways to build your small business, social media is a great option. Facebook is one of the top social media networks used by small businesses due to the large viewership and the ease of advertising. Facebook Groups is one way to use the social media site for business and a method that isn’t often used. The following tips will help you use Facebook Groups effectively.

Join Other Groups

While you do have the option of creating your own group, you will be more successful by joining other groups. The tricky part is choosing the right one. You want a group that has a large following, but is also followed by people in your target market. If your target market is young males between 20 and 35, following a group that is mainly followed by women in their 40s won’t do you much good. As long as you have done your target research, you should be able to locate some excellent groups. If you get stuck, try the “Suggested Groups” function on Facebook.

Be Helpful

Facebook Groups should never be used simply for self-promotion. One of the best ways to use them effectively is by being helpful and answering other people’s questions. If you are a graphic designer and joined a group with other designers, look for questions you can answer based on your own expertise. You might find that when you start becoming helpful in the group, members start following your Facebook fan page. It can also result in referrals and business networking.

Ask for Advice or Input

Not only should you help with other people’s questions, but you can also ask for advice or input. Again, be careful how much you talk about your own business, but it is okay to ask for advice from other knowledgeable members. This is a great source of information when trying to name a new product line or decide on the color scheme of your business blog. You are in a group with other like-minded individuals that like to help each other out. You can also inform others of your products by asking such questions without being too obvious.

Promote Your Events

It is okay to promote your own events in other groups, but make sure it is okay by the admins first. If not, you can always create your own Facebook Group. This group can be for fans and followers of your business, or be a group that is more generalized for your industry, not necessarily for your business. No matter which way you go, the groups are an excellent source for promoting and announcing events, contests, and promotions.