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Information Overload ERA? Bruce Lee Wisdom



Written by: Matthew Donnelly

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not add what is uniquely your own”

In the information technology era there are hundreds of thousands of different blogs, videos or even channels on TV giving information in the form of education and opinions. It can become quite overwhelming if we spend a lot of time on the internet or watching television. It can also have a major effect on our minds and influence our attitudes, behaviors which can have a major effect on our lives.

This why what Bruce Lee say’s is such a great attitude to keep in mind whenever we are listening to other people, reading blogs, social media newsfeeds or watching TV and videos.

#1. Absorb what is useful.

If you find the information extremely value or with some type of validity then absorb it and you can use in your life further down the line.

#2. Discard what is not.

If the information you are seeking or reading does not on the other have what could be useful then discard it completely and move on.

#3. Add what is uniquely your own.

Every individual who is grown and able to think for themselves has something unique to bring to the world including you. When you hear information don’t be afraid to add something that could be valuable or take away something that is not.

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