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Master Mind Control


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Written by: Geoff Blades

Helping a friend overcome a fear that was holding her back she said to me, “It’s just like the Buddha said, we can become the master of our own thoughts.”

I said, “Exactly, but there’s a problem with that idea.”

“What’s that?” She said.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,“ I responded.

Overused platitudes are a dime a dozen, but what matters is, are you doing it?

It is true that you can master your own thoughts, but that doesn’t magically happen by quoting the Buddha.

You know you can get strong by hitting the gym every day, but to actually get strong you must exercise.

And to master your thoughts you must exercise your skill of mind control.

Here’s how.

Draw up a table. In the left column write the old thought that you want to change and in the right column write the new thought you want to replace it.

For instance, in the left column my friend wrote, “Making that fear seem real I was afraid to take action.” And in the right column she wrote, “Next time I am afraid I will look back and see overcoming fears and taking powerful action makes me strong.”

Take the time to do this for yourself. Write out the 5-10 habitual thoughts that are limiting you and how you are changing them.

Then every day practice changing these thoughts and become a master of mind control.

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