Online Dating Study Reveals America's Sexiest Jobs

via Hannahmae Dela Cruz

The sexiest position in America is CEO, according to a new study. pulled user data to determine which men have had the most success on the date-auction website. Entrepreneurs topped the list with 25 percent of the men owning their own businesses and being the most successful on the popular dating site.

Whether it’s the power or the status, women are attracted to successful men. More specifically men that own businesses. Gone are the days when women based a man’s success off of his uniform - now it’s about the suit and tie.

Successful men work in every career field, but which of these professions have the most success in their dating and love lives? Popular dating website, pulled data from approximately 145,000 male members to find which professions acquired the most date offers.

America’s Sexiest Jobs

Rank - Profession - Acceptance Rate

  • CEO / Entrepreneur - 98%
  • Financial Advisor - 96%
  • Software Developer - 93%
  • Lawyer - 90%
  • Business Consultant - 88%
  • Physician - 87%
  • Real Estate Developer - 85%
  • Marketing / Advertising Executive - 83%
  • Architect - 78%
  • Engineer - 72%
  • Entrepreneurs make up 25 percent of the male users on the website and the study shows that these men top the list with the highest date offers.

    “Doctors and lawyers are successful, no doubt,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of . “But women find it sexier when a man takes great risks to successfully build his own business from the ground up.” is a patent-pending “Dating-for-Dollars” website. The dating site allows “Generous” members to bid and pay for first dates with other users, revealing not just how much they are willing to spend on a first date, but on a chance at love. Money is exchanged during the date, and second dates may be arranged either online or off.