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Proven Techniques for Generating New Clients and More Funds Under Management


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Written by: Sean Deery | Econnexx

In this post we will highlight 2 proven techniques we deploy on a daily basis for our clients. 

By using these techniques we guarantee your firm will generate more clients and more funds under management.

First here are a few fundamentals that are often neglected in the day to day running of a financial services firm:

  1. If you contact more prospects, you will generate more clients.
  2. The persona / type of client you contact will be the client type you service.
  3. If your website does not convert site visitors into contacts it is of no use and is merely a business card.
  4. If you do not send your new and existing clients informative emails that demonstrate the value of your service, you will not convert contacts to clients.

econnexx™ specialise in partnering with financial services individuals and firms to implement marketing that works. We do this because most firms and individuals in this sector are limited in marketing, and have little or no modern marketing experience. This creates a significant opportunity for individual advisers or firms who wish to grow their client banks, funds under management and regular income. 

Below are two proven processes that, if implemented correctly, will build client interest and grow your firms funds under management.

Outbound Prospecting

Whether you are an individual adviser, or manage a team of advisers, social channels such as Linkedin give you an abundance of contacts to engage with and nurture into clients. Through our Outbound Prospecting service we manage our clients’ social accounts on their behalf to target a pre-agreed client type within their geographical area. We will create an engaging and relevant message process aimed at attracting the interest of your target market, converting a proportion into your clients. This process will include the following:

  1. Initial message – our copywriters create a persuading message to generate interest from High Net Worth individuals.
  2. A second engaging message will be sent several days later should we not receive a response from the above initial message.
  3. Several further messages that deal with prospects objections, Normal objection replies we receive are, I already have an adviser, I have no time, or no need. Our responses to these objections have been developed over time to nurture further positive interest from prospects.

We send messages and engage with approximately 2000 targeted prospects per month. We will manage the conversation on your behalf and generate an appointment (face to face or telephone) for you to generate business and grow funds under management.

Click Here to Download our Outbound Prospecting Process

Automation Marketing

Automation marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing and client generation processes in the financial sector. For those prospects that do not engage at the time of prospecting we will ask them to register for your newsletter (which we will create and manage).

Once added to your newsletter prospects will enter into an email workflow process. This is a pre-agreed number of email messages spaced out over time. Each message is personalised and designed to increase interest and a need for each prospect to take action and create engagement.

For more information on Automation Marketing, click here to watch our video and experience automation marketing at work

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