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The 5 Qualities of Highly Successful People



Written by: Rob Greer

One of the greatest and most debilitating misconceptions of our society today is the belief that success is this elusive concept that only a few lucky souls have the capability of achieving. This couldn’t be more untrue. I have witnessed first-hand the paralyzing (or uplifting) effects of this belief (or disbelief) and have segmented it into three defining categories of people:

1) Those who employ this belief as rationalization for their laziness and lack on ambition. This is perhaps the most confining category and hardest to rectify, but it is certainly not unachievable.

2) Those who genuinely believe it because it has been spoon-fed to them their entire lives. Yes, it is unsettling and cyclical, but it only takes one individual to disrupt the pattern, aka YOU.

3) Those who are cognizant of the belief and its effects but choose not to internalize it. These are your Bill Gates’, Steve Jobs’, Richard Branson’s; the ones that have a remarkable and lasting impact on the world.

Category 3 is obviously where you – hopefully – want to be, but the question is how exactly to arrive at this “enviable” place. For one, you need to recognize the universal presence of this belief, for it envelops virtually all of us (Bill, Steve, Richard, and the like, this excludes you). It takes its form in every instance of mediocrity, stagnation, and apathy. Rather than simply ignore it, acknowledge it and use it as a stepping-stone to your aspirations and goals.

The following are attributes characteristic of the people who disbelieve this concept, aka “The Highly Successful”. See how this list relates to your personal qualities, and be brutally honest with yourself. You will notice both parallels and discrepancies. Focus on the latter, because these are the core hindrances of your success. Work on them, battle with them, eventually defeat them, and you will be well on your way to entering the domain of category 3.


The “who the hell is that” effect when someone walks in the room. This is the main characteristic of “that” person whose magnetism invariably lights up any social situation. Charisma is integral to success in virtually any context. It involves 3 core elements: Presence, Warmth, and Power.


Those who possess drive have this “ridiculous, sickening” work ethic. This is the quality that fuels the fire of ambition. It allows individuals to outwork their peers and be successful.


Optimism is the strategy for creating a brilliant future. Those who possess it dwell in possibility. They don’t consume themselves with all that has been forgone, but rather everything that is still left to be achieved. I am a firm believer that irrational optimism is better than rational pessimism.


Successful people are successful because they get a lot done. Those who get the most done make the most of the allotted 24 hours a day we all get; it is all about efficiency. Time is the ultimate currency, and those who realize this are able to place a monetary value on their time and outsource anything that falls short of this stipulated value.


The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” This is probably the most important characteristic of success, and those who possess it are unstoppable. These are the people who see their own vision of the future and just make it happen through sheer brilliance and imagination.

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