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The Era of the Salesman Is Coming to a Close Rapidly …


The Era of the Salesman Is Coming to a Close Rapidly ...

Written by: Grant Barger | Tangible Alpha

The antiquated coaching and training styles of blood thirsty meat-eating sales professionals has reached a tipping point in the past few years.

Sales just isn’t as sexy as it was in the late 80’s, the late 90’s and again in the late 00’s when the alpha-male role was given new life by human resources aficionados and marketing gurus.

The rule of the day (for advisors who wish to rule the day) is this; collaborative services will win… From this day forward if you are able to convey your value in a tangible fashion you will win the business of your ideal audience. Transparency and the proliferation of knowledge has made this the de facto setting for stewards of wealth. My opinion of the fundamentals does not sway the reality of our reality. “It is what it is.”

The facts being what they are, it is important to note that I am very pleased to see feel and hear how technology has allowed the financial services industry to catch up to the entrepreneurial principles that have been guiding trusted wealth stewards for the past 30 years. The men and women of this industry that have been doing business the right way (IMO) for quite some time. Those individuals deserve to have a competitive advantage over the self-serving product-pitching salesmen and women that the industry trained and let loose on an uneducated investing public for the past fifty years.

The era of the salesman is coming to a close rapidly… I couldn’t be more grateful. Some of the same pitfalls that have always existed loom in the darkness of technology for those who wish to stay relevant in the digital age. Those who can’t sell to an uneducated investor will now sell to the under-informed advisor. Don’t fall for the same tactics that you know are wrong for your clients. Discover exactly how to avoid the traps that lie in wait for you… create your unique culture and wrap yourself in the goodness of ideal trusted partnerships. #TangibleAlpha if you can’t find it from the hashtag you won’t survive another two years.

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