Undiscovered Retirement Towns

Written by: Robert Fowler | Retirement Media If you are looking forward to retirement – or if you are already there – choosing a place to live is a big decision. Aside from just the climate and housing costs, you have to consider many other factors when making your choice. There are the “biggies”: Access to health care, senior-friendly tax structures, and availability of active adult communities. But there are also many other considerations that may make a city or town more appealing to some retirees than to others. There are plenty of off-the-beaten-path undiscovered retirement locations that are not on every “Best Places” list out there but still offer many of the features you may be looking for.

Here are a few retirement towns and cities you may not have considered:

Prescott, AZWith a population of about 40,000 residents, this small city in Arizona gorgeous mountain region offers a vital downtown, and is home to two small colleges. Property taxes are lower here than in many states, and there are decent retirement employment opportunities due to the size of the town. St. Augustine, FLThis small town (pop. 13,500) in NE Florida boasts beaches, museums, year-round golf, a historical district, a college campus, and a top-notch outdoor concert venue (and the great weather needed to enjoy it!). The cost of living is low, and there is no income tax. Proximity to Jacksonville provides access to excellent healthcare facilities and night life, while living in a cozy, safe small-town environment. More Best Small Towns in Florida King of Prussia, PAWith a central location, King of Prussia residents can get to either the mountains or the seashore in a short 2-hour drive for recreational opportunities galore. There are also two of Pennsylvania’s largest malls just a few minutes away. Proximity to Philadelphia offers access to a number of universities, teaching hospitals, and excellent healthcare facilities. College Station, TXCollege Station population ranges from 97,000 – 150,000, depending on whether Texas A&M classes are in session. This is a real “college town,” with all the excitement of college sports and a wide variety of affordable dining and entertainment options. Branson, MOThe tourist town of Branson, with a “permanent” population of about 10,000 residents, has the benefit of an infrastructure designed to accommodate 60,000 people or more due to tourism. Great public transportation, police and fire services, and excellent health care are available here. This picturesque town is situated among three beautiful, serene lakes, nine golf courses, and many other outdoor recreational areas.If you have not yet decided where you would like to live after retirement, sit down and write out a list of the factors that are most important to you. Whether you choose a location from our list of suggestions or look further afield, with a bit of research, you will be sure to find a location that is just right.