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Why Taking Notes by Hand Can Boost Your Performance at Work


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Written by: Dean Gorman | AHA!

In most cases, technology has made us more productive. We can access and share information instantaneously. We’re able to work and communicate from just about anywhere, anytime. Heck, our cars will be driving us around pretty soon. However, a new study demonstrates that some things are too good to leave behind, such as the handwritten note.

Now, I love my tablet and laptop as much as the next person. But when it comes note taking, it turns out good old-fashioned paper and pen is still the way to go. A new study published in Psychological Science finds that people retain and understand information better if they write it longhand. Throughout the experiments, students who took their notes by hand performed far better than those who used laptops.

The lesson? I’m not suggesting we all rush out and join the Luddite movement. However, being mindful of how technology affects your retention, thinking, and productivity will almost certainly make you better at your job.

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