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Why Video Marketing Helps Financial Firms Generate More Clients


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Written by: Simon Begun | Econnexx

The role of video in projecting a message and generating interest is becoming increasingly more important. Today, more than ever, financial companies are finding that video can play a key role in generating clients. 

Video provides financial firms with a means to boost their online presence, convert more leads, generate more clients and increase funds under management. Here’s how:

How To Use Video Marketing

Financial firms, like any other business, are looking for better ways to communicate with current and prospective customers. Video marketing allows you to;

Make your website more effective

Video can make a big difference in the effectiveness of a website. Websites are designed to convey information and that’s exactly what video does. Better still, information conveyed through video is easier to recall because the brain processes images faster than plain text.

By putting a ‘call gate’ on your video’s you can ask the visitor to input their name and email address to view the full video. By doing this the visitor receives the value created from the video and your firm generates a contact with whom you can remain in contact with through a series of workflow emails and Automation marketing processes.

When visitors are attracted to your firms website, they are likely to stay on your website longer giving you more time to communicate the value of your service and entice the visitor to take action. Video’s help you achieve this.

Tell your story

Videos are also excellent media for telling stories. For instance, you can create an “About Us” page that demonstrates your firm’s vision and philosophy. A number of firms are also using videos to allow current clients to share their experiences. Do you have a past or current client happy to testify about your services? Create a testimonial video and upload it to your website so that visitors can see exactly what you offer. Doing so has helped many financial firms create an aura of trust and expertise that leaves a lasting impression.

Attract The Type of Clients You Want

Creating a video that portrays a specific message, and designed to appeal to a particular client type enables you to be more specific, delivering better results. For instance, you can create a video about your process for ensuring results for clients, or the reasoning behind asset allocation. Consumers are busy individuals who don’t have the time to investigate your services at depth. A short, on-point video will simplify their decision-making process, and attract them into your sales funnel.

Become The Go-To Resource For News and Information

Alongside your own videos, you can curate and publish other expert videos to market yourself as the primary resource for news, tips, and general information. Create videos that are interesting, relevant and valuable to your target audience. Video’s are easily shared via social media and blog posts for maximum reach and effectiveness. 

Remember that you don’t always have to sound sales-driven; sharing videos that tell a story will help your firm attract visitors and entice those visitors to take action and make contact.

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