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You Might Be a Broker if …


You Might Be a Broker if ...

Written by: Grant Barger | Advisor Crunch

Over the course of the past three decades we have run into some special individuals who couldn’t quite see the value in being client-centric.

Now that the digital age of transparency has fallen upon us, I can look back and laugh recalling several instances of Advisors objecting to some of our tenets of value. These special individuals had a few things in common… Passion, grit, determination and an unfaltering belief that they could just sell product to anyone anywhere at any time. To the individuals in financial services who think that they can survive -going forward- by selling products in a vacuum, we have to let you know this … being a broker is no longer an admirable position. In fact, some people… investors… may start to ask you a few questions that you aren’t quite prepared to answer. In case you are wondering if you fall into the category of  “broker” we have come up with some Jeff Foxworthy-like phrases that may let you know if you are about to be replaced.

If you’ve ever sold a C share to a client to make your bogey… you might be a broker.

If you’ve ever sold a VA to an 80 year old widow… you might be a broker.

If you’ve ever torn off the cover of a prospectus and sent it to a client… you might be a broker. 

If you’ve ever sold an acronym in a wirehouse… you might be a broker.

If you’ve ever charged a client over 10% of the value of a transaction… you might be a broker. 

If you’ve ever not returned a client call because you didn’t know what to say… you might be a broker. 

And so on and so forth…

There are a lot of brokers in the financial services industry that might take umbrage to these pithy phrases. (That means you no like) And to them I say this… If you are not proving yourself to be a steward to your clients in a tangible fashion, your days are numbered … and for that, I a most grateful.

The day is upon us… your value as a product salesperson for the gain of shareholder value is dying a death deserved for the transgressions you have bestowed upon your clients. But there is salvation. There is great value placed on the wisdom you have accumulated through the years.

There is a void however… a small rub that may give you pause…

How will you explain to your clients that you have been self-serving asshole for the past decade? We can help you with that.  Also … why would anyone pay you for your wisdom? We can help you with that too. If you are interested in becoming a client-centered steward of wealth who can justify your value to your clients, we have a great opportunity for you…

100% confidential and 100% free. Learn how to become irreplaceable in the digital age of transparency. If you choose to not take advantage of our free services … you might still be a broker. 

Thanks for reading my rant…

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