11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. The Evolving Attitudes Investors have Towards Investing

The time advisors spend trying to understand the differences between investors and their attitudes toward investing is time well spent, because the differences are real. — Catherine McBreen

2. It’s Not If, But When Markets Recover

Normally, stimulus is provided to spur economic growth by making goods and services cheap enough to make people buy them. But in this case, we’re telling people to work from home and not to go out to bars and restaurants, so it a very different situation. — Kevin McCreadie

3. Is President Trump’s $2 Trillion Bazooka Enough?

In response to US equity markets falling by 30% from their highs, this week US President Trump announced a significant fiscal package to coincide with the monetary stimulus coming from the Federal Reserve, who slashed interest rates by 1.5% in two emergency meetings. — Gary Ashton

4. 2008 Vs. 2020: A Warning To The Greedy

During the historic events and financial chaos of the past month, I realized something that should have been obvious. If you have experience managing other people’s money in bear markets and economic crises, the most important thing you can do is help people resist their most greedy instincts. — Rob Isbitts

5. Why the Financial Markets Are Moving so Fast

Hang in there! We are going through the most challenging period of our lifetimes. Following the CDC guidelines and keeping a positive attitude is the best medicine to heal physically and mentally. — Eric Kuby

6. Coronavirus Is Not an Emergency. It’s a War.

If you are in a position of power, you must take action for your community or your business. Focus on the actions that will make a difference today and be ready to adapt further as we see how the battle is unfolding. — John Mauldin

7. Why Financial Services Responses and Communication Must Plan for the Worst, Now

We have a small window, now, to manage events while concurrently planning for a peak. If we do this, we'll make better decisions, look after our people, our customers and our country better.  We can and must plan to be proactive and to orient around things getting worse before they get better. — Carden Calder

8. 10 Trends To Watch After the Pandemic

At the moment, we all know how Covid-19 is affecting our daily lives. Social distancing, impossible travel conditions and much more. Have you considered what is in store for us after the virus? — Gary C. Bizzo

9. What Every Prospect Needs to Know About You

Elevator speeches are important. But sometimes, we can overthink things.  If according to the New York Times the average person knows 600 people, that’s quite a prospect pool.  What needs to happen to start turning some of them into prospects?  The answer is simpler than you think. — Bryce Sanders

10. Coronavirus Is an Opportunity for Advisors to Strengthen Client Relationships

No doubt, most of you advisors out there are receiving some nervous calls and emails from your clients, wondering what’s going on. This is where great advisors can earn their money. As a matter of fact, you as financial advisors may well not have as great an opportunity to add value for your clients for a very long time as you do today. — Don Connelly

11. Top 10 Webinar and Conference Call Tips During a Pandemic

Most of the market is shifting to create a new norm—work from home. Ideally this will be short lived, but for now, at a time of unprecedented market moves, it is business as unusual. — Sandra Powers Murphy