11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. If Your Advisory Is Under Pressure, Here’s What You Need to Do.

The biggest mistake most advisers make in times like these is going to radio silence with their clients. It’s business suicide. Don’t do it. — Brett Davidson

2. 20 Ways to Improve Your Performance When Working From Home

We all have areas that need improvement to increase professional performance. Become a force to be reckoned with by developing and cultivating smart habits as you work from home. — Douglas Heikkinen

3. A Comparison of Stock Market Crashes

The breakdown of the banking industry in 2008 caused the financial markets to tumble and the American economy to suffer in a way that was unfamiliar to many citizens and investors, who had grown accustomed to routine growth in portfolio values. Even the tech bubble at the end of the 20th Century did not approach the kind of crash the markets and economy went through in 2008. — Catherine McBreen

4. Authenticity Is Now More Important Than Ever During the Coronavirus

Everybody, has woken up to the fact, that we really, really live our lives on-line and to reach our buyers, fans, next manager, we need to be online as well and creating content. — Timothy Hughes

5. The Fiscal Stimulus Is an Investment in Life

Governments around the world have to both deal with a health crisis and manage the economic side effects. Some are doing it better than others, at least so far … but this is nowhere near over. — Patrick Watson

6. Why The Market Tanked, Where It’s Going And How You Can Thrive

Perhaps I am the only professional investor who will tell you this: the Coronavirus is not the cause of the recent market plunge. While the human threat, the day-to-day tragedy and the historic uncertainty that it has caused are undeniable, I want you to think about something. The reason the market fell so far, and could well fall much further, is because it was on thin ice to begin with. — Rob Isbitts

7. The Stock Upswing Is Living On Borrowed Time

Despite the tremendous stimulus, stocks are not responding very proportionately. Stating the obvious, this tells us the problem is not of a monetary or fiscal policy nature. — Monica Kingsley

8. How to Make Sure You Are Effectively Reassuring Clients

How you guide clients now may be the most important of your whole relationship with them. You are probably communicating with them diligently and consistently. Is it having the intended effect? — Stephen Wershing

9. The Key Part of the US Fiscal Relief Package

The historic US fiscal aid package isn’t a quick fix, but it provides welcome relief and will make it easier for the US economy to rebound when the coronavirus crisis eases. More important, it shows that Congress is willing to act swiftly and dynamically. — Eric Winograd

10. How to Capture What You’re Learning From This Crisis Now

In this time of extraordinary uncertainty and change your team has learned to quickly adapt to do the best they can, with what they have, from where they are. The COVID-19 crisis has us all quickly adapting to new ways to serve our customers. — Karin Hurt

11. We Live in New Hope

New Hope. That’s the town in Pennsylvania where my wife and I live. Population 2,500. We are a tourist town. However, there are no tourists because of the Coronavirus lockdown.  The town got its name because when the local mill burned down in the 1800’s, the owner rebuilt, calling it the New Hope Mill.  That’s what we need right now, some optimism for us and our clients. — Bryce Sanders