11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Is Pandemic Prospecting Ethical?

Imagine if you were a family member, heard the phone ring, assumed it was the doctor or hospital and discovered it was an advisor cold calling?  Short answer, people’s minds are elsewhere now. — Bryce Sanders

2. Changing the Conversation: What Financial Advisors Can Do to Help

Imagine taking a hike in a forest and suddenly realizing you are lost. “Where am I? How do I get back?” It is a scary feeling. — Ross Marino

3. How To Interpret The S&P 500 Rally

We are far enough into the year 2020 where some clear patterns can be seen. No, I am not talking about the huge drop in the market during the first quarter. Everyone knows about that. — Rob Isbitts

4. How Investors Would Currently Invest Their Money

Investors are offered choices ranging from individual stocks, stock mutual funds, bonds, real estate, annuities, alternative products or cash. — Catherine McBreen

5. Oil Investors Are Doomed Even If Oil Prices Recover

I’m writing this essay because millions of investors are in danger without realizing it. — Stephen McBride

6. The Top 10 Growth Activities for Financial Professionals

Challenging and volatile markets don’t require you to abandon your growth goals and activities they simply call for a different approach. — Shauna Mace

7. Demand for Financial Advice Surges 24% as Priorities Shift in New Era

As individuals, households and businesses readjust and look ahead to a new era and recovery, demand for financial advice is up by almost a quarter, reveals one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organizations. — George Prior

8. How to Invest in Equities When Guidance Disappears

Equity investors should focus fundamental research on a wider range of outcomes instead of the overly precise game of predicting short-term estimates—especially during a period of heightened uncertainty. — Frank Caruso and John Fogarty

9. This Is the Most Important Time to Show Your Clients Why They Made a Good Decision to Hire You

As an Advisor during those dire times, I can remember clearly all of the overwhelming emotions welling up inside of me. — John Morgan

10. Active Management Should Be Used Selectively

Our point is not to denigrate active management. But building portfolios is about seeking higher risk-adjusted returns at a lower cost. — PRIA

11. Is “Do Nothing” Just Lazy Financial Advice?

If we are always telling clients we want to buy low and sell high, why didn’t the majority of advisors take advantage of the time to buy low? — Jay Mooreland