11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. The Small Positive Additions That Take Your Advisory From Good to Great

Death by a thousand cuts Everybody knows it makes sense to control costs. It’s a fundamental of any good business. You don’t need to be told. — Brett Davidson

2. Investors Who Do Not Use Advisors

Financial advisors acquire new business from a variety of sources: referrals from current clients, investors who are looking for a new advisor, investors who are looking for an additional advisor, and those investors who have never had a professional advisor before. — Catherine McBreen

3. Eight Post Pandemic Mistakes That Could Sink Wirehouses

Size matters.  It’s good being the 800 pound gorilla.  Many futurists have been talking about how the financial services landscape will change post Coronavirus.  Here are eight mistakes the big wirehouse firms should avoid. — Bryce Sanders

4. Using Neuroscience to Improve the Judgement of a Fiduciary

Neuro-fiduciary is the science that seeks a better understanding of what it takes to be a great fiduciary. It’s the next significant step in the evolution of the fiduciary movement. — Don Trone

5. How To Overcome The Power Of Fear-Based Media

The media knows what sells—negativity. Newspapers, social media, and TV broadcasts can smell it in the air like a wild animal, nose upturned to pinpoint the threat. — LaRae Quy

6. The Major Stock Index Does Not Reflect the Economy… or Even the Stock Market

After declining sharply between mid-February and late-March, and despite few signs of a near-term resolution to the economic impact of the pandemic, the stock market proceeded to rebound meaningfully through April and into early May. Or did it? — Sean P. Smith

7. How Financial Advisors Can Keep a Healthy Mindset Throughout COVID-19

Prioritizing your own health and wellness will help to keep your mindset positive despite all the changes occurring worldwide and help you stay in the right frame of mind to continually serve your clients. — Susan Danzig

8. How Financial Advisors Can Create Effective Processes to Expand and Profit

Processes are critical to the successful management of a business. They guide staff, allow easier management of the business, reduce confusion and need for additional staff, and allow more time spent on business development and quality client interactions. — Jennifer Goldman

9. Financial Services Has a Racism Problem

This industry wide problem was created by and is perpetuated by white financial professionals. And white folks are the ones with the power to fix the problem. It’s on us. So what can we do? — Sonya Dreizler

10. These Disruptors Will End Banks as We Know Them

A new wave of stimulus payments is hitting people’s mailboxes. But they’re NOT coming in the form of checks. Instead, millions of Americans are now receiving pre-paid debit cards. — Stephen McBride

11. Stress and Anxiety: The Lurking Casualties of the Coronavirus

When something goes awry, many of us have a tendency to “spot treat.” If you’ve ever attempted to patch a leaky ceiling, you know the water will inevitably find another crack from which to drip. — Dr. Bert Shlensky