11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. How Advisors Provide Clarity for Women in Divorce

Whether she is going through a divorce, recently became a widow or experiencing the massive market swings of a pandemic, understanding how to help her turn her chaotic emotions into a clear path forward can have a dramatic impact on your business. — Adri Miller-Heckman

2. Why It's Time for Financial Advisors to Re-Evaluate Everything

The challenge right now is to adapt your business to be able to operate optimally in these new conditions while remaining focused on your long term goals and objectives. Having clarity of the longer term vision you have for your business will make some of the short term decisions you will need to be making easier to address. — Graham Burnard

3. This Bear Market Will Make or Break Your Financial Advisor Career

Every advisor gets just a few great career-building opportunities: Times when they can really establish themselves as experts, build long-term credibility, and differentiate themselves from the competition – most of whom are hiding from their clients because they don’t know how to guide them through the bear market. — Don Connelly

4. Here’s Where the Next Netflix or Tesla Will Come From

Buying a hated investment is easier said than doneYou’ll feel like you’re being reckless. But buying unloved gems is often a path to huge profits. In fact, many of the greatest disruptor stocks share a weird trait—they were once hated. — Stephen McBride

5. The Top 10 Things That Hurt Active Management

I think the whole industry has evolved in ways that hurt active investment management. This is a bad outcome for our clients who need competitive products that have a greater chance of satisfying their financial goals. — Jason A. Voss

6. Record Spending and Money-Printing Puts Markets in Uncharted Waters

Between the relief packages passed by Congress and monetary stimulus enacted by the Federal Reserve, we’ve already reached that enormous sum. And yet it still won’t be enough to prevent further economic erosion, according to some economists. — Frank Holmes

7. Why Personal Relationships With Clients Matter Now More Than Ever

These days it’s not enough to meet with clients once a year and deliver good rates of return – it requires much more than that. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

8. The Advisor Characteristics That Build Loyalty

Loyalty is not automatically given, nor is it necessarily expected, by either investor or advisor. With the exception of dogs, perhaps, loyalty is a response to behavior that is designed to create, build and cultivate such loyalty. — Catherine McBreen

9. Bankers vs. Brokers: Which Mindset are You?

Bankers and brokers think differently.  What makes it really interesting in the first often own the second.  The characteristics that made the brokers attractive are those bankers seek to avoid. — Bryce Sanders

10. 3 Competitive Strategies for Financial Advisors

Competitive advantage is everything. It’s how you win new business. It’s how you thrive and stay alive in the marketplace. And a competitive strategy is one that helps you bring visibility to those advantages that you’ve developed. — Elizabeth Harr

11. 5 Major Advantages of Employees Working from the Office

With the technology available today, it’s often feasible (and even convenient) for employees to work from home. But is this actually beneficial to company culture, workflow, and career advancement? — Remy Bernstein