11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. What Investors Want to Talk About With Their Advisor

For many years financial advisors have presumed that investors want to talk about investments.  After all, that is generally the basis of the relationship and the expertise of the financial advisor.  But is this still true? — Catherine McBreen

2. How to Build More Capacity in Your Financial Advisor Practice

Capacity is the number one challenge for financial advisors and wealth management. There are only 168 hours in a week, and that is the one thing that is not changing. How can you build more capacity in 2020? — Grant Hicks

3. Your Portfolio and the Presidential Election

This is a question I hear frequently during any Presidential election year, especially in contentious times.  People are always worried that if the candidate they oppose becomes President it will be devastating for the markets and their portfolio. — Rick Kahler

4. Election 2020: A Major Bear Market of Political Decency

I know many of you are wondering what happens if Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election? What happens if Donald Trump wins? — John Mauldin

5. Is This a Good Time for Financial Advisors to Prospect?

Prospecting is difficult at the best of times but during these unprecedented times, advisors are more conflicted than ever. — Strategy Marketing

6. New Wave of Economic Stimulus Lifts Gold

Potentially a game-changer. The stimulus could, of course, help somewhat the European economies, supporting the recovery, but the key issue is that the summit’s outcome is an unprecedented act of European solidarity. — Arkadiusz Sieron

7. That Tech Competitor Threat Is Really an Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Advisors

The robo-advice “threat” is an opportunity for entrepreneurial advisers…as is every other direct-to-consumer offering driven by fintechs. — Tony Vidler

8. The Two Reasons Why People Hire Financial Advisors

I’ve got a question for you - Why do people hire you? Why should you be hired versus anybody else? And more importantly, why do you think people need advisors? — Joseph Lukacs

9. Why Tech Stocks Are The Current LeBron James of Investing

Here are what things look like today. There’s LeBron, er, the Tech sector, up about 20% the past 2 months. Just below is the S&P 500, which is being carried in large part by the Tech sector. — Rob Isbitts 

10. How Will Your Client Experience Need to Evolve?

If you find yourself waiting for the memo that lets you know it’s “all clear” and your life and business can get back to normal, you may be in for a long wait. — Julie Littlechild

11. The Odds Are Stacked Against Investors In A Post-Covid Economy

Since the March 23rd lows, retail investors have jumped into the equity market with little concern about the potential risk. The “Pavlovian” response to the Fed’s massive monetary interventions has pushed “risk-taking” to extremes. —  Lance Roberts