11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Satisfaction Levels in Financial Advisors Are Plunging

After holding relatively steady during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the satisfaction levels investors have with their financial advisors are beginning to fall despite the recovering market. — George Walper, Jr.

2. Is the U.S. Recession Over?

While sweeping lockdowns across the U.S. in March and April crystalized the recession, the gradual yet bumpy reopening and rebound in economic activity begs the question: is the recession over? — Jordan Jackson

3. Sales Jiujitsu: How to Introduce Yourself as a Financial Advisor

Occasionally I get asked about the best way to introduce yourself as a financial advisor. That’s an important skill. But in some ways, focusing on introducing yourself to other people is looking at the problem from the wrong direction. — Don Connelly

4. Should You Have FAAMG Stock Concentration or Moderation?

I’m getting a lot of questions that are a variation of one major question: “Do you own FAANG/FAAMG stocks?” My answer? No—well at least not individually. — David B. Armstrong

5. Transitioning from Acquaintance to Friend with HNW Individuals

People do business with people they like.  You’ve joined the right organizations.  Met the right people.  They know who you are.  How do you move from “know you” to “like you”? — Bryce Sanders

6. The Resilience of Private Risk Capital

In the midst of chaos and confusion, it is human nature to look for order and for a unifying theory that explains the world.  — Aswath Damodaran

7. Being a Gifted Leader During Challenging Times with Mark David

The importance of living in the present moment and modeling the behavior you want — Power Your Advice

8. Can Growth Stocks Get Growthier?

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without Tesla’s rocketing stock price capturing headlines. How can investors make sense of the looming threats related to COVID-19 and an economic downturn versus a stock market that has positive returns so far this year? — Ted Randall and Mitchell Firestein

9. Everyone Has a Financial Issue Every 6 Months. What to Do About It

Financial advisors who are trying to acquire more ideal high net worth clients must remember that it is a process of engagement based on the prospective clients' time frames, not their marketing that works or doesn’t work. — Grant Hicks

10. Another Bear Market Indicator Just Fired. What To Do About It

While everyone is looking at the stock market, the bond market has something to say. And, what it is saying may be very important in determining what the stock market does from here forward. — Rob Isbitts

11. 7 Behaviors of Exemplary Lay-Fiduciaries

The vast majority of our nation’s liquid investable wealth is in the hands of lay-fiduciaries - the 8,000,000 men and women who are responsible for managing the assets of pension plans, foundations, endowments, and personal trusts. — Don Trone