11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. The Coronavirus, Irrationality and the Uptick Rule

Global stock markets reacted to the ongoing COVID-19 scare with unusual volatility last week, with U.S. stocks shedding about $4 trillion in value over six bruising sessions. — Guild Investment Management

2. Maintaining Your Composure in the Face of COVID-19

Maintaining composure in turbulent markets is not easy. Doing so when events take us into unchartered territory tests us all a little more. However, “unforeseeable” events happen more often than we anticipate, but the principles for navigating them remain familiar. —  Brandon Zietsman

3. What If There Is an Upside to All of This?

Right now, people are selling stocks based on their predictions that corporate earnings will slow, and the current levels of the equity markets reflect what investors now think those stocks are worth. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…oil too, but just stay with me. — David B. Armstrong, CFA

4. Markets Are Tanking – What’s an Advisor to Do?

That is certainly apropos given the recent market mayhem. As a financial advisor, you know that the best action when markets tank is to take no action at all.  But saying “stay the course – this too shall pass,” is not always enough for clients. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

5. Is This An S&P 500 Dip Or A Top? Here’s How To Tell.

Well, you can’t say this was overdue. The stock market has been on borrowed time for a while. In particular, the S&P 500 Index has defied gravity for over 2 years. While cracks appeared in many market areas, the “headline indexes like the S&P 500 and the Dow stayed at levels which convinced the investing public that all was well. — Rob Isbitts

6. Client Needs Come First with Sean Heron

Why you should consider derivative-based strategies, and how to explain derivatives to your clients — Power Your Advice

7. Is Your RIA Firm Ready to Capitalize on Volatility as a Marketing Opportunity?

The news is littered with headlines talking up the volatility in the markets as coronavirus fears have sapped the market of its bullishness over the last two weeks. We've seen the market swing upwards on alternating days with downward spirals in between. — Joe Anthony

8. Knowing Your Professional Purpose Is Your Game Changer

All the regulatory change has many advisers seriously thinking about how to position for the future, and how to lift performance in a time of squeezed practice margins.  Many are stuck in their existing paradigm of doing business though, and struggle to accept things like remuneration models changing rapidly, long term shifts in consumer buying behaviour, and so forth. — Tony Vidler

9. Three Ways Technology Can Prepare Your Practice for the Changing Demographic Landscape

In the next few years, $18 trillion will pass from the Baby Boomers to Generation X and Millennials, who grew up surrounded by the internet and smart phones. Advisors who are unable to connect with younger generations will face an uphill battle when trying to compete with the latest fintech apps and software, such as robo advisors. — David Lovell

10. The 3 Cs of Trading Markets in Turmoil

Whenever CNBC breaks out its “Markets in Turmoil“ chyron, markets tend to rally. Not this time! — Jared Dillian

11. How to Lead a Team That Suddenly Has to Work From Home

Not everyone is cut out to work from home. And it’s tricky to lead a remote team, particularly if you never have before. So how do you keep your team focused and engaged when working from home is the only option? — Karin Hurt