11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. The 6 Most Important Charts To Watch in Turbulent Markets

Savvy (alligator) investors love a good crisis. It creates panic, which creates buying opportunities. The coronavirus is providing us with just that. — Marin Katusa

2. Becoming an Elite Advisor Comes From Being Just 1% Better

Becoming an elite adviser, or building an elite practice doesn’t come about by chance.  It takes graft and grit…and help. — Tony Vidler

3. Do You Show Your Female Clients You Value Them?

While all around you the world is celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD), what are you doing? By ignoring the day altogether, you send a signal that, at best you’re too busy to bother or at worst you don’t care. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

4. The Coronavirus in Perspective

For the moment, U.S. corporations remain sanguine.  A recent Bloomberg study of corporate transcripts of S&P 500 companies revealed that about half said it was too early to gauge how the virus might play out, about a third said the virus would have some impact, and only 5% anticipated a severe blow from the virus. — Michael Geraghty

5. The Importance of Value Investing with Catherine Howse

Why the focus on long-term value investing vs. chasing short-term returns. — Power Your Advice

6. Time To Check The 1987 Crash Playbook. Here’s What To Know

The global stock market has sent us a warning. Play time is over. Speculators will be punished, and oversimplified investment approaches based on “being a long-term investor,” “buying the dips,” and “don’t worry, it will come back” are all now threatened. — Rob Isbitts

7. What Investors Are Looking for During Market Volatility

Last week I was disappointed to hear an advisor basically mocking their clients for calling up the advisor concerned and frightened about present market volatility. — Paul Kingsman

8. The Era of Passive Investing Might Well Have Just Come to an Abrupt End

Wall Street, through various academics and theorists, has brought forth various ways to give the appearance that the future action of the market is somehow rational or predictable. — Tim Taschler

9. What Coronavirus Tells Us About Risk

The mind has its own – entirely non-evidenced – ways of measuring danger. And the coronavirus hits nearly every cognitive trigger we have. — Paul Taylor

10. Potential Buying Opportunities After the Historical Selloff

The decline has certainly hurt many equity investors and 401(k)s, and there may still be more pain ahead. — Frank Holmes

11. How will the Coronavirus Change the Way We Work?

I have been thinking about the recent developments all weekend, because things change by the hour and we have no idea where this is going to take us. Conferences are canceled, travel bans are executed (either mandatory or voluntary) and it it's time to prepare for alternative ways to engage. — Monika D'Agostino