11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Why Financial Advisors Should Stop Focusing on AUM

What you measure grows, make sure you're focused on the right metrics. We all fall victim to relying on AUM as a measurement of success. — Shauna Mace

2. Why Some Clients Will Consider Switching Financial Advisors Post Pandemic

Why Would a Client Leave Their Advisor? Focusing on the pandemic, lets consider six reasons — Bryce Sanders

3. The Financial Advisory World Has Changed ... For Good

Well there is no way now that we can think the financial advisory world will stay the same. It has been signalling dramatic change for a few years, but the changes are now escalating at an even more dramatic rate than anyone could have predicted. — Tony Vidler

4. The Skills Needed to Move Fast in the New World

The problem for people that are still marketing and selling like you did before Covid19. I'm talking about people who use Advertising, Email Marketing and Cold Calling, I assume the people who used conferences have given up on those.  The problem is ... we have all moved online. — Timothy Hughes

5. The Importance of Dividends and the Impact of the Pandemic

The pandemic-driven shutdown of much of the global economy—and the uncertain path to recovery—are weighing on nearly every aspect of the investment landscape. Of particular concern to many investors is the question of what will happen with dividends. — ProShares

6. The First Casualty of Any Crisis

A crisis occurs when there’s an erosion of trust as a result of poor leadership, stewardship, and governance. The pandemic, the precipitous drop in the stock market, and the protests: What do these three crisis share in common? — Don Trone

7. How Dependency on Financial Advisors Is Changing

The degree to which investors depend upon their financial advisor is changing, as more investors lean upon the advice of their advisor than in the past. — Catherine McBreen

8. How to Gather $100 Million in New Assets in One Year

In order to provide that unbelievable client experience, you have to have the right structure in place to understand, attract and service your clients. For the $100 Million Dollar Club this meant doing the following. — Dave Alison

9. A Future Ready Advisor Is a Leader of Clients and Providers

If you’ve been in the industry a long time, you are likely familiar with the “lone wolf” image of financial advisors and an environment where “eat what you kill” is the mantra of the day. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

10. Seven Principles That Will Move Financial Advisors to the Very Top of Their Profession

All Financial Advisors need a track to run on. That is, a set of activities that you know are productive, and that will continue to guide you on your path to success, even … and this is key… even if you don’t feel like working! — Don Connelly

11. Advisors Should Talk to Clients and Prospects About Who They Want to Become

We all work on things because we want to be different. We want to be more successful, more knowledgeable, more fulfilled, happier, or healthier. Not all of those, of course, and the list is a lot longer. — Stephen Wershing