Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Coronavirus fears markedly intensified this week as the number of cases outside of China increased. This isn’t the only issue. Brett Schutte takes A Closer Look at the Underlying Economic Fundamentals of the Market Fear.

Are you constantly dealing with the same objections when you’re prospecting? Don Connelly provides solutions in How to Deal With Objections Before They Become Mindsets.

When looking for an advisor one might think knowledge of the investment environment would be the most important quality. It’s not. Catherine McBreen explains in The No. 1 Attraction To Prospective Clients.

A needed one this week by Andrea SchlapiaHow to Keep Clients Calm When Crisis Hits the Markets.

In looking forward it’s great to gain perspective by looking back. Andrew Rosen does this in The Effects of Previous Worldwide Viruses on Global Markets.

Do you realize that 86% of clients are willing to pay more for a great client experience? Stewart Bell outlines the opportunity in The Client Experience Opportunity for Advisors.

Does the Morgan Stanley - E*Trade Merger Make Sense for Investors? Check out the opinion of George Walper on the potential success of the deal.

We could all take a cue from the past, how people handled correspondence before the digital age. Ted Rubin gives you more in Paying (Closer) Attention to Communication.

With all the bad news this week, take a minute to read Alli Polin’s 101 Ways to Create a More Satisfying and Fulfilling Life. Enjoy.