Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

What we know is that after this pandemic is behind us, many aspects of life that we took for granted before will not look the same. Rick Kahler gives us How to Deal With the Ending of What Was so Familiar to Us.

Chris Skinner got into an online argument when he said that the coronavirus was God’s way of letting Extinction Rebellion and climate activists win. The Earth's climate is changing. Find out more in Coronavirus and the Massive Climate Change.

With so many people working from home, it’s easy to feel a lack of connection with colleagues, clients and business partners. Ray Hennessey tells us How to Find Intimacy in Communication in a Time of Social Distance.

“When I go to meet with a man,” wrote President Abraham Lincoln, “I spend one-third of my time thinking about what I am going to say, and two-thirds of my time thinking about what he is going to say.” Good advice. Andrew Sobel gives more in 19 Techniques to Create Powerful Client Conversations.

Financial advisors who have never done video conferencing and calls with clients and prospects working remotely may be struggling to figure it out for themselves. Grant Hicks gives you an assist here in The Checklist for Financial Advisor Teams Working Remotely With Online Video.

When a ship passenger finds themselves in a storm, they do not consider changing boats, all they know to do is cling to the mast until they see calmer seas. Find out what this has to do with the Market in Matt Miller's When Is It Time for an Investor to Move on From Their Advisor?

Paul Kingsman says the people who are most successful are going to be the ones that formulate a proper plan right now and follow it. Watch more in How Advisors Can Recalibrate Now for Future Success.

Times have changed and women have come into their own—we’ve made incredible progress so why do we still need to use the label “female leader?” LaRae Quy says if you Want Strong Women In The Workplace? Hire The Best Candidate.

When you see something unexpected, does your mind immediately turn towards inconvenience or impossible? Alli Polin asks Do You Leap to Impossible When Hit With Inconvenience?