Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Recently one of the business cable news channels reported that the term “financial advisor” was trending on Google. George Walper, Jr.'s research reports this is a good thing for Advisors. More in Investors are Seeking Advisors Now!

In times of stress, great communicators do certain things differently. Learn how with Stewart Bell in How Advisors Can Communicate in a Crisis.

Advisors are slammed, calming their clients’ fears and juggling a significant uptick in their workload. Scott Conroy reminds us of The Importance of Finding a Stress-Reliever During Periods of Market Volatility.

Ralph Hamann says there are initial signs of how the crisis may be shaping longer-term assumptions about business and its context. Read more in The Top 5 Long-Term Business Impacts That Coronavirus Will Cause.

John Cleese once said that to come up with some really good and creative ideas required uninterrupted time. Adam Gray suggests that social distancing could bring better on ideas and The Return of the Digital Nomad.

There is a big difference between inter-office virtual meetings and the new way we have to communicate virtually with our clients. Rob Jolles helps us be successful here with The Three P’s of Virtual Communication.

Marketing? Sandra Powers Murphy says your best near-term prospect in this environment is a decision maker who is familiar with you already and can make a decision relatively autonomously. She gives four great tips in What Financial Service Marketers Can Do Right Now

Olivia Luper states that pausing campaigns and pulling ads can be done quickly and easily, but could be a grave mistake. She gives us Three Reasons Not to Cut Your Advisor Marketing in a Downturn.

LaRae Quy states that complacent strength is our greatest weakness. People are not finished when they’re defeated; they’re finished when they quit. Choose forward. Read How To Take Your Life To The Next Level.