Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Jason Periera and Alexandra Macqueen have had numerous conversations with countless people who have woken up to the new reality that Digital Is Table Stakes: Living In The Past Just Became Costly.

Tony Vidler states that there is quite a bit more to prospecting than getting a name and phone number. Find out why in Is that Prospect really a Prospective Client YET?

Powerful forces will resist any attempt to make our current state a new normal. It’s not how capitalism works. Despite this, Paul Taylor forecasts The Organizations That Will Emerge Stronger From This Crisis.

Investors are not the real audience for CNBC, but they WANT you to tune in. Check out David B. Armstrong's views in Investing Is Hard for People Who Get Bored Easily.

Don Trone asks if we remember ‘synergy’ and the need to be ‘synergistic’? He says to find out what's even better in Resilience Is the New Critical Success Factor.

If you're like Annette Franz you're going to remember Shake Shack, Taco Cabana, Ruth’s Chris and 90+ other brands that asked for PPP funds. She asks us a bigger question in Do Brands Really Care About Us?

Mark Walker states that institutional investment management is broken. He backs his claim in ESG: The Latest Incarnation of Marketing-Led Investment Strategies.

Dave Kahle gives us a great article in hiring that critical job in sales for you firm. Spend a couple of minutes and read Hiring a Sales Person is Like Looking at the Tip of the Iceberg

"I'm too busy" We've all said it. Shauna Mace gives you an assist in The Three Steps to Own Your Day and Your Growth.