Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Given the extreme effort financial advisors have put in during this pandemic, Julie Littlechild asks, "What’s next?"  Read on and learn more in What Are Clients Interested in Learning About Right Now?

Investors using an S&P 500 ETF to index have no choice but to own 250 COVID “loser” stocks. David B. Armstrong has ideas for you When You Are Forced to Own the Loser Stocks.

This Is NOT 2008 All Over Again. Justin Spittler tells us that This Is a Market of “Haves” Versus “Have Nots”.

Andrew Sobel says that when you first meet someone, your questions have three overlapping goals. Discover The Best Questions to Help Start a New Relationship or Conversation.

A common theme for financial advisors is that client outreach is key right now. Jason L. Smith provides How Financial Advisors Can Effectively Communicate in Today’s Environment.

Ted Rubin claims that the problem right now is that our mindsets must change, and not just for the moment.  Move forward in Three Reasons Why Business Empathy is Crucial.

Martin Zwilling writes that too many new businesses try to be everything to everyone.  It's no secret that Every New Business Needs A Unique Selling Proposition

It's a whole new world. Bill Acheson clears up the future of work and meetings in Who’s Zooming Who?

While we’re not back to “business as usual,” we are starting to see business reopen and adapt to a new normal. Shep Hyken insists We’ll Be Stronger When This Is Over