Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Chris Skinner thinks there will be a new normal that is very different to the old normal. Here’s his view of how all this pans out in Nothing Is Going to Be the Same.

Who does the prospective client really want to hear about when an Advisor is marketing to them? Stephen Wershing shares Who Highly-Referred Advisory Firms Talk About in Their Marketing.

Roy Osing writes that if everyone copies best in class how can specialness ever be created? He continues on with You Should Benchmark Only Insanely Delirious People.

Good listening is at the heart of good financial planning—and good listening begins with empathy. Johnny Sandquist gives more great thoughts in One Simple Way Financial Advisors Can Build Stronger Relationships.

There have been a few positives amidst the devastation of the COVID pandemic. How people have acted might be one of them. Paul Taylor explores this in Can We Really Trust Communities To Use Common Sense?

Shauna Mace claims using fear and discomfort can ignite action towards your goals. Find out how to better in 5 Steps for Advisors to Develop a Successful Referral Habit.

When Karin Hurt talks with leaders who wish their team were more creative, she often finds that they unintentionally stifle creativity. Here are 7 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Team.

Kim Griego Kiel wonders as we look ahead to life after COVID-19, many people have been wondering how our society will change as a result of this pandemic. Join Kim and her guests in a great discussion in Will the World Be More Sustainable After COVID-19?

A lot of "surfers" have paddled back to shore because their business has slowed or come to a complete stop during COVID-19. Join Gina Schreck as she hangs ten in Social Marketing During a Crisis: Prepare to Surf.