Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

If you haven't noticed yet. the new normal is certainly digital. Timothy Hughes shares an issue many firms are having in COVID-19 Has Exposed Weaknesses In Digital Strategies.

James E. Wilson says it’s more important than ever that serious investors dispel the common narratives attached to investing and financial planning. Read on in 5 Surprising Myths About the New Reality.

Every element of the videoconference is revealing, so you need to make sure you prepare, position and present yourself as strongly as possible. Listen to Bill Acheson as he instructs us on Projecting Your Personal Power Over Videoconferences

Computer vision is the kind of disruption that only comes around once a generation. Stephen McBride gives us a glimpse into This New Tech Is the Key to Reopening America.

Do your marketing tactics strengthen your credibility and amplify your expertise? Kirk Lowe outlines the Good vs. Bad Advisor Marketing: Tactics to Stop and Start Doing Immediately.

Samantha Russell asks maybe the most important question of your online presence in Does Your Financial Advisory Firm's Website Pass the 5 Second Test?

The last few months have been challenging for everyone. With Financial Advisors finding themselves front and centerstage, Ken Unger asks, Are You a Casualty or a Survivor During Times of Crisis?

The power of positive thinking pushes us further than otherwise thought possible. Elinor Stutz asks Do You Believe You Will Be Successful?

So, what have you discovered to be true about you? What are you most proud of during this time of change. Rachel Cooke says amidst all we've lost or can't anticipate, It's Time to Lean On Some Certainty.