Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Were the companies who were analogue ready for a pandemic that demands digital? Chris Skinner shares that The Digital World of 2030 arrives in 2020.

Rachel Cooke says the needs of humanity and the needs of business have finally, truly collided. Find out what this means to us in Inclusion Is a Capability to Be Built.

If you are working from home and feeling distracted, isolated, displaced, and less productive, you have a lot of company. Rick Kahler gives us The Downsides of Working From Home.

In 2008 and 2009, many investors were angry with their financial advisor. However, few investors chose to change advisors until 2010. Catherine McBreen advises How to Avoid Losing Clients Post-Pandemic.

Lockdown has highlighted the importance of open space and how valuable it is to people for their sense of well-being. Paul Taylor takes a look at How To Prepare For The Future of Housing.

Bonnie Clark writes that companies used to be hesitant to weigh into social issues, fearing they would be seen as “too controversial.”  No longer. Read why in Your Employees Need to Reflect Your Values, Now More Than Ever.

In sales, results matter more than anything else. Working smarter is one of the keys to success. Adam Honig pens 5 Things That Move the Needle in Sales.

It’s anyone’s guess when colleges will reopen. But one thing’s for sure: the US university system will never return to its old glory. Justin Spittler gives his views in This Is the End of College as We Know It.

We all wear masks. The important thing is not to confuse the mask with the person you really are. LaRae Quy lets us take charge of our choices in This Is Why You Need To Be Authentic In A Fake World.