Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Roy Osing wants you to take a look at your strategic planning documents. Are they based on a 5 year period? He's not really asking when he questions Has COVID-19 Made the New “Planning Period” 24 Hours?

Ross Levin says just because the real estate market is messed up, doesn't mean your real estate decision making process has to be. Find some help in 10 Things to Understand About Buying or Selling a Home.

As companies return to a more normal mode of operation, the question needs to be asked: should teams go back to normal? Kevin Gardner provides 6 Reasons You Let Your Team Continue Working From Home.

Social has now become the lifeline for many people in terms of information and community support. Timothy Hughes tells us how Covid19 Has Changed the Modern Buyer + Changed Sales and Marketing.

More than 40 million individuals or about 10% of total American population are living with a disability. Special needs financial planning is an intricate and delicate process. Chad Smith and Grayson Blazek do a great job in outlining The ABC’s of Special Needs Financial Planning.

Billions of dollars were lost by investors through the first three months of 2020. Catherine McBreen gives us an important look at Comparing the Great Recession to the Corona Crash.

When you have something at stake, you’ll find the motivation to perform at your best. Besides the great theatre of the documentary, Rob Jolles offers us Lessons From Michael Jordan and "The Last Dance".

Have you ever gone through a phase in your life where you can’t quite get yourself out of bed in the morning? Brett Davidson wonders if you Are You Cutting Stones or Building Cathedrals?

Are you assuming clients don’t want to be bothered and don’t have any money to spend during this time? If so you will find hope from Andrew Sobel in What to Do When Clients Are Unresponsive.