Editor's Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Americans spend an average of 6.5 hours a day online which is why Brett Fulmer says it’s imperative you spend the time Digitizing your Advisory Business for 2020 . Will Robots Rule the Financial Services Industry? Sheri Fitts wonders if and when ...Tony Vidler has advice for those of you who have “Tire Kickers” checking your firm out in How to Eliminate an Ongoing Problem for Financial Advisors .Whether your firm is small or large it is imperative to look to the future of its leadership pool. Terri Klass provides Four Ways to Develop Emerging Leaders .Hedge funds fees remain under extreme pressure across the industry. That’s changing. Don Steinbrugge pens out What Investors Need to Know About Shrinking Hedge Fund Fees .Busy? If you could just get another set of hands on board as quickly as possible. Not so fast. Jennifer Goldman warns This Is What Happens When You Rush the Hiring Process .It's true that many organizations don’t develop a strategy to guide them into an unpredictable future. Don’t be one of them. Roy Osing provides This Is How to Develop the Best Strategic Plan . Does a Merger or Acquisition Make Sense for Your Firm? Lee Frederiksen gives you all the answers.What Do You Love to Do? This may help you discover How to Optimize Your Area of Specialization , by Susan Danzig