Here Comes the Groom

When it comes to wedding day attire, the bride to be has been dreaming about what she will wear since she was five. The groom on the other hand usually starts thinking about his wedding gear months before the wedding date – typical guy, last minute planning. With so much focus around the bride, men can often feel overlooked or confused about what exactly he should wear when he says ‘I do’…Suit or tux? Bow-tie or long tie? Vest or Suspenders? Decisions…decisions…

Your wedding day is a celebration, which is why you should dress for the moment. What you wear should compliment your ceremony and general wedding theme; yet at the same time reflect your personal style. Remember this is as much your special day as it is your lovely wife to be. Show everyone you want to look as good for your bride as she does for you. To shed some light on the subject, I’ve come up with a few tips and pointers to dapperly direct you to the altar.

Wedding Formality

Knowing the level of your wedding’s formality will definitely be a key factor in what your wear that day. Again its dressing for the occasion – you wouldn’t go tailgating in a suit and tie would you?! Probably not. There’s always a time and place to dress up, your wedding day is one of them. Here’s a simple guide on what’s appropriate:

Black Tie : Tux is a must! This type of wedding is at the top of the formal pyramid; it’s like the Academy Awards for weddings. Buy one or rent one, just make sure you arrive in one.

Formal : Depending on what time your wedding takes place a suit or tux can be worn. A good rule of thumb is if your ceremony takes place after 7pm, then channel your inner ‘James Bond’ and wear a tux. If it starts before 7pm, then as Barney Stinson would say ‘Suit Up!’

Semi-Formal : Planning a beach wedding or a country wedding? Stick with a suit, but leave the wool behind. Opt for a lighter material, try cotton or linen blended fabrics.

Causal : Dress slacks and a button down shirt are ground zero. From here you can add a vest for a little something extra. Or if you’re feeling like you’re ready to be the best dressed groom you can be, then throw on a jacket for the ceremony – you can always remove it at the reception.

Don’t Forget Your Flair

Keep it simple with little bursts of your wedding colors. Try not to go overboard, this isn’t Chotchkie’s. At a minimum two pieces will do. Express your personal style with a colorful pair of socks or suspenders. Maybe you show your true colors around your neck with a vibrant tie or bow-tie if you’re feeling trendy. If you’re looking for just a splash of color, then a pocket square is right up your aisle.

Last Little Tip

Ask your bride the color of her dress. You’re probably thinking “Its’ white, duh!” Yes it’s white, but there are literally 50 shades of white if not more. The reason I recommend this is for pictures. Photography picks up everything these days, especially HD photos. The contrast between a stark white shirt and your bride’s diamond white dress, will stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re planning on wearing a white shirt, coordinate the color of white to match your bride’s gown this way you blend together beautifully as your enter your union of love.