Hindsight: Derek Bruton

Welcome to the first in our series of giving notables in the business world a chance to reflect back over their careers. First up is Derek Bruton , who is currently the new CEO of Lucia Capital Group in San Diego. Derek has already made some noise since joining Lucia and has plans to make a lot more. Enjoy.

What gets you laser focused?

Clearly understanding the “Why” behind my actions

What did you learn from your mother?

How to listen and be patient. Has helped me tremendously in my career, particularly in Sales Trait(s) – Focus and Discipline

What author influenced you?

I’m a big fan of Jim Collins. The ideas and wisdom shared in his books have had a tremendous influence on decisions I’ve made in my career

What childhood lessons live with you?

Never underestimate your potential in life
Hard work trumps all factors that lead a person to success

What always makes you smile?

My family, Witnessing a Stanford or San Francisco Giants win, and Just about any episode of Seinfeld

When are you not at your best?

When I’ve procrastinated

Best travel memory

First trip outside of California, when I was a junior in high school and played for a California all-star team in the Boston Shootout basketball tournament

How did you overcome a huge mistake?

By dialing myself back to my core values and remembering who I am

What have you accomplished that few know about

I’m the all-time Leading scorer for Gilroy High School basketball

What’s the secret to growing a business?

Hard Work, Discipline, and the willingness to take risks

\What do you catch yourself doing that you watched your father do?

Being candid and blunt. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear my father was a New Yorker

What do you wish more people understood?

How painful it is for the tall guy in back of you when you recline your airplane seat

What are people in your industry doing wrong?

Not being sufficiently focused on what drives the long-term value of their businesses

What would you institute if you were commissioner of your industry?

I would accelerate the drive toward greater transparency in financial services

What advice do you give the intern on his or her first day?

Listen, absorb, and ask a lot of questions

Thinking back to the biggest client you lost—why did it happen?

The relationship became more predicated on an assumption of satisfaction versus actual satisfaction


I always remind myself of the Colin Powell quote “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Applies in business and life