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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: December 24-28

1. Why Are Markets Falling, and Are We Heading for Global Recession?

The US economy is coming to the tail end of the second longest period of unbroken economic expansion in history, with a late boost from Donald Trump’s tax cuts this year that will gradually fade into 2019. — Guardian Web

2. 3 Reasons for Investors to Be Cheerful in 2019

First, following stock market falls in recent months, valuations are attractive in many sectors and countries, relative to the returns on cash and likely corporate earnings growth. — George Prior

3. 2019 Investment Outlook: U.S. Lands Softly, Converges with Rest of World

If 2017 was about synchronized global expansion and 2018 was about the divergence of United States growth and policy away from the rest of the world’s, then 2019 will likely be about convergence, as the U.S. slows to a pace more in line with the global expansion. — Krishna Memani

4. How Does Impact Investment Balance Financial Returns and Social Outcomes?

How do you define a successful business? Is it the one that performs well financially, or is it the one that has a positive impact on the society? — Nathan William

5. The 3 Main Ways to Gather New Clients

There are three main ways to gather new clients and grow your business. To excel, you should put your effort into mastering all three of them. — Don Connelly

6. Why Traditional Financial Advice Isn’t Working

Have you ever wondered why so many investors are glued to the financial news channels and websites in a desperate search for information that might help them put their financial house in order? — James E. Wilson

7. 5 Forces that Will Shape Financial Planning in 2019

If you’re like me you’ve been head down from September to now. The last three and a half months after the summer break have been a sprint to the end of the year. — Brett Davidson

8. The Investing Answers You Won’t See in the Financial Media

We have entered that time of year where the financial media goes into overdrive, dispensing more misinformation than usual. The trigger is end-of-year prognostications about next year. — Dan Solin

9. How to Avoid Outliving Your Money

With the advancement of technology and medicine, we’re now living longer than ever. As you plan out your life, are you considering how long you might actually live? Most people aren’t considering their own longevity. — Jim Black

10. Friends as Clients: You’ve got the Relationship – Now What?

Business relationships with friends are different from other broker-client relationships. You are concerned with relationships where the friendship came first – the social relationship was governed by a set of rules and is now entering a business relationship phase. — Bryce Sanders

11. Decide on Discipline With Corporate Bonds

Discipline is one of the most common and important traits shared by successful investors. Thing is, the more trying a particular market environment is, the more difficult it becomes for investors, even some professionals, to exercise proper discipline. — Todd Schriber